NEWS: COVID-19 (24. Februar 2021)

Unsere Academy bleibt (gemäss des Bundesratsentscheides vom 24.02.2021) bis 21. März 2021 geschlossen!


Konfuzius sagte: “Wer lange glücklich sein will, muss sich oft verändern!”
In diesem Sinne passen wir uns weiterhin motiviert den gegebenen Umständen an!
Danke, dass du uns mit deiner Teilnahme an den Trainings (vor Ort oder Online) unterstützt!



Grabenwisstrasse 1
8604 Volketswil
Tel. +41 44 826 07 00

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The WULIN Academy was founded in 1998 by Fredy Jundo Kuhn Shifu and Sandy Taikyu Kuhn Shimu.

Our intention is to offer the interested, open-minded and alert human being who wants to give his life, that is, his work and being, depth, awareness and meaning, a holistic and authentic way of cultivating the body and developing personality. In addition to the weekly course offer, workshops, specializations, seminars, intensive trainings, lectures, retreats, teacher trainings, personal trainings and coaching are available for this fascinating journey.




Each letter of the word WULIN stands for one of the five Master Virtues that form the WULIN principle:



“WULIN” is a Chinese term and means merging of experts.

From a more detailed perspective “WU” stands for the characteristics power and strength and “LIN” comprises growth and development.

In addition, each character of the word WULIN stands for one of the master-virtues which form the WULIN principle.