pranayama & meditation

If taught and applied correctly, prāṇāyāma is the key for more energy, improved concentration capacity (dhāraṇā) and it builds a solid foundation for meditation (dhyāna). Indeed, the term »prāṇāyāma« can be translated as ‘vital force’ or ‘control of vital energy’ (also referred to as ‘breathing patterns’). Breathing exercises form the essential basis and are indispensable for the composure of mind if you wish to reach a deeper state in meditation. Your breath builds the bridge between the spiritual and the material things, it connects the inside with the outside, and additionally functions as carrier for your vital force and energy. Prāṇāyāma and meditation lessons subtly interconnect breathing and meditation practice, integrate mantra and mudrā practice, and create, by means of preparatory body posture exercises (āsana), a foundation on which deep and delicate experiences can be gained. These lessons have the power to give you inner peace, clarity, harmony and joie de vivre. This lays the foundation for an attentive and calm mind, as well as a healthy, strong and energetic body.

In addition to the lessons during the week, there are regular theme-specific workshops, immersions and retreats available that take place on the weekend. (workshops)

Prāṇāyāma and meditation lessons are suitable for both beginners and advanced students!
It is possible to join the course at any time! (timetable)

Please note that prāṇāyāma and meditation is only taught by shimu Sandy. If she is teaching abroad, then the prāṇāyāma and meditation lessons will not take place.

It is thus recommend to quickly check the timetable beforehand in order to verify if the desired lesson does indeed take place.