Pranayama & Meditation

Prāṇāyāma, properly guided and practiced, is the key to more energy, better concentration (dhāraṇā) and a solid foundation for meditation (dhyāna). Prāṇāyāma can be translated by extension of the life force or control of the life energy (also breathing state). Breathing exercises are the essential basis and indispensable for the gathering of the mind if one wants to attain deeper states of meditation. The breath is the bridge between the spiritual and the material, the connection between inside and outside, and he is also the bearer of life force and life energy. This yoga lesson subtly combines breathing and meditation practice, naturally integrates mantra and mudra practice, and prepares (āsana) preparatory postures for deep and subtle experiences. This lesson has the power to give inner peace, clarity, harmony and joy of life. It lays the foundation for an attentive, mindful and calm mind and for a healthy, strong and energetic body.

In addition to the lessons during the week, theme-specific workshops, immersions and retreats are held regularly on weekends. (Workshops)


Please note that the lesson »Pranayama & Meditation« is only taught  by Shimu Sandy. If she teaches abroad, then this lesson does not take place.
We therefore recommend that you always check the online-timetable for a short time to see if the lesson is taking place.


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