the principle

the WULIN principle

How do you recognize a happy, balanced and successful person?

  • He thinks, feels and acts in an authentic and self-confident manner.
  • He takes full responsibility for his life.
  • He asks »How-do-I-deal-with-this?« and not »Why-did-this-happen?«.
  • He does not depend on external factors for his satisfaction and happiness.
  • He views himself as a part of the whole, inseparably linked with everything and


What are the properties of this person?

The 5 virtues of the WULIN principle:


»Wisdom is the ability to perceive things for what they really are.«
One of the most substantial factors to acquire the virtue of wisdom is the ability to perceive things for what they really are. Hence, you must let go of your expectations and preconceptions and enter the natural flow of life.

It is required to develop the four positive fundamental attitudes of the mind: love, compassion, compersion, and equanimity. And to keep an eye on the close and distant enemy at all times. The close enemy of love is adherence, capture, possession, greed, and the distant enemy of love is rejection, defense and hatred. The close enemy of compassion is pity, and the distant enemy is aversion. The close enemy of vicarious joy is gloating, and the distant enemy is jealousy and envy. The close enemy of equanimity is lack of interest in the sense of indifference, and the distant enemy is unrest and restlessness.

»Examine your actual intention behind your actions.«

Observe your emotions and your habitual patterns. Wisdom is the skill of doing the right thing in the right moment and at the right time. Have the courage to make new experiences and take responsibility for your life. Be brave, because experiences render knowledge into wisdom.


unbreakable trust

»Unbreakable trust mirrors itself in every action. It shows in healthy self-confidence and a happy life.«

Unbreakable trust builds in your head and is reflected in every facet of your life. The interaction with yourself and other people is shaped by this trust and self-confidence. The amount of self- and brotherly love determines human love and influences your thoughts, feelings and actions. Negative thoughts and feelings cannot protect you against negative experiences. Whatever happens to you in life serves as personal development. Only you decide what sort of impact a feeling, a person, or a situation may have on you.

»You are always free to choose how you want to feel in the present moment.«

You are always free to choose how you want to feel in the present moment. Unbreakable trust exists in every human being. You don’t have to acquire it and you can’t lose it. You just have to have the willingness and determination to rediscover it.



»True love is based on the recognition that we are all connected to each other«

Nothing exists just by itself. We are all inseparably connected with everything and everyone and are in a mutual relationship with one another. The ability to let go is an essential prerequisite for the evolution from personal to universal love. The basis for this being the realization that you have to start with yourself before being able to approach other human beings without restrictions. Work through your negative experiences, make peace with yourself and your past, and forgive yourself. Only if you are capable of being generous with yourself, will you be able to show this kind of appreciation towards other human beings.

Say to yourself: »I am ready to let go!«



»A person of integrity does not talk about ethics. He lives them.«

A person of integrity knows himself. He knows his wishes and his needs and can voice them in a meaningful and respectful manner. Stay true to your words. Stay true to yourself. Be credible and authentic. Examine the roles and patterns you assume. Define your values, and then think, feel and act accordingly.

»Demand much from yourself, but little from others.«

Become aware of your motives and expectations and set clear limits. Maintain your principles and values, don’t just talk about ethics, but live by them, too!



»Naturalness shows itself in the unconditional acceptance of cause and effect.«

Naturalness means to heed the universal laws. You are subject to these various laws for as long as you live. Accept this fact. Deal consciously with the principles of energy, the law of cause and effect and the rules of resonance and polarity. Know that you are the architect of your own fortune.

»Use the power of your mind, and think, feel and act in a new way.«

Different causes create different effects. Create your own conditions for a fulfilled life. Only you can do that. And before you point your fingers, make sure your hands are clean!

»It’s in your hands to turn every day into a special day.«


impulses for everyday life

Please find below a compilation of some powerful and positive impulses for your daily life. We wish you much joy and inspiration while reading and applying them!


  • Change the world. Allow yourself to think big.
  • Free yourself from your self-imposed rules. Live an honest, spontaneous, fresh, free and authentic life.
  • You deserve to be loved and respected. You know who you are and what you’re capable of doing.
  • Overcome your inner doubts. Meet your fellow human beings as equals.
  • Nurture your human greatness. Know your worth.
  • Be consistent. Stick with your decisions.
  • Make it easy for yourself. Live a simple life and concentrate on the essentials.
  • Treat yourself to the wealth of this world. Give yourself physical and mental freedom.
  • Walk the way of freedom and peace. Be unafraid and strong.
  • Practice patience. Accept the unexpected in a calm and relaxed manner.
  • Recognize your connection to the entire universe. Act for the benefit of others.
  • Give yourself time to live. Live in the here and now.
  • Recognize the importance of inconsistency. You can change at any time.
  • Live your creativity. Trust your inner impulses, give them room.
  • Allow yourself the time to change. Cultivate inner calm and patience.
  • Be open-minded for advice and ideas but verify them. Allow yourself to say »no«.
  • Open your heart. Find joy and gratitude in all that you do.
  • Allow yourself the freedom to express yourself. Learn to let go and remain trustful.
  • Experience the fullness of the moment. Rid yourself of material and spiritual burdens.
  • Live by your knowledge. Put your knowledge into practice.
  • Free yourself from old patterns. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • Make peace. Forgive yourself and your fellow human beings.
  • Modify your life. Allow yourself to set new priorities.
  • Practice devotion and humility. Have the courage to drop your ego and your masks.
  • Understand your perfection, in every moment. Be satisfied with yourself.