The WULIN Principle


How do you point out a happy, balanced, and successful human being?


  • They think, feel, and act authentic and self-confident.
  • They take full responsibility for their lives.
  • They don’t ask for “Why did this happen?” but rather “How do I deal with it?”.
  • Their satisfaction and luck are not reliant on external factors.
  • They see themselves as part of a whole, inseparably united.


How are these people characterized?

By the 5 virtues of the WULIN principle


Wisdom is a skill to see things as they really are.


The skill to see things as they really are is a fundamental factor in acquiring the virtue of wisdom. Lose your expectations and prejudices and enter the natural flow of life.


You need to develop the spirit’s four positive mindsets: love, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity. Keep both nearby and distant enemies at a close range. The nearby enemies of love are adhesion, clinging, possessiveness, and greed. The distant enemies of love are rejection, defense, and hatred. The nearby enemy of compassion is pity and the distant is antipathy. The nearby enemy of empathetic joy is gloating and the distant enemy is envy and resentment. The nearby enemy of equanimity is the lack of interest, i.e. indifference. The distant enemies are restlessness and disquiet.


Consider the aim of your actions.


Observe your emotions and habits. Wisdom is the art of doing the right thing at the right moment. Be brave enough to make new experiences and take responsibility for your life. Be brave because experience turns knowledge into wisdom.


Underlying sense of trust

A strong underlying sense of trust is reflected in every act. It reveals itself through a healthy sense of self-confidence and a happy life.


An underlying sense of trust is developed in your mind and shows itself in every facet of life. This trust and self-confidence shape you and the way you interact with others.


The extent of love for oneself and altruism determine the degree of philanthropy and influence the way you think, feel and act. Negative thoughts and feelings cannot save you from negative experiences. Whatever happens, it is part of your personal development. Your determine how much a person, feeling, or a certain situation influences



It is up to you how you feel in the present!


It is up to you how you feel in the present. An underlying sense of trust exists in everyone. You don’t have to acquire it and you can’t lose it either. You just need to be willing and determined to discover it.



True love is founded in the awareness that we are all united.


Nothing exists on its own. We are all united inseparably with anything and anyone through a reciprocal relationship. The ability to let go is a sine qua non in order to reach universal love. As a basis you need to start with yourself before you can approach others unrestrained.


Come to terms with negative experiences, make peace with yourself and your past, and forgive yourself.


Only if you are able to treat yourself kindly, you will be able to hold others in esteem the way you esteem yourself. Tell yourself: “I am ready to let go!”



A human of integrity doesn’t talk about ethics. They live it.


Persons of integrity know themselves. They know of their wishes and needs. They also know how to express those in meaningful and respectful manner. Stay true to your words. Stay true to yourself. Be authentic. Review your roles and patterns. Define your values and think, feel and act upon them.


Ask much of yourself but only little from others.


Gain clarity of your motives and expectations. Set clear limits. Foster your basic principles and values. Do not just talk about ethics, live them!



Naturalness is shown in the unconditional acceptance of cause and effect.

Naturalness is obeying universal laws. You are subject to these laws as long as you live. Accept that! Actively engage in the principles of energy, the law of cause and effect, and the rules of resonance and polarity. Be the architect of your own fortune.


Use the power of your spirits and think, feel, and act differently.


Different causes have different effects. Form the conditions for a fulfilled life on your own. Only you have the power to. Before pointing a finger at others, be aware that at least three are facing you.


It is up to you to make the most out of every day.


Daily Routine Impulses

Below you can find a few powerful and positive impulses for your daily routine which we collected for you. Get inspired and enjoy reading!


  • Change the world. Allow yourself to think big.
  • Free yourself from your own set of rules. Be honest, spontaneous, free, fresh and authentic.
  • You are worthy of love and respect. You know who you are and what you are capable of.
  • Overcome inner doubts. Face fellow humans on a level playing field.
  • Boost your human greatness. Recognize your value.
  • Be consistent. Stand by your choices.
  • Be easy on yourself. Live simple and concentrate on the essential.
  • Indulge yourself with the world’s wealth. Give yourself physical and spiritual space.
  • Walk the path of wisdom and peace. Be unafraid and strong.
  • Be patient. Face the unexpected calmy and relaxed.
  • Recognize the bond between yourself and the whole universe. Act for the common good.
  • Give yourself time. Live in the here and now.
  • Appreciate the worth of inconsistency. You have the opportunity to change yourself at any time.
  • Live your creativity. Make space for your inner impulses.
  • Take time to change. Give yourself serenity and patience.
  • Be open for advice and ideas but also question them. Allow yourself to say “no”.
  • Open your heart. Feel joy and gratitude all the time.
  • Grant yourself the freedom to develop. Learn to let go and remain faithful.
  • Trust the depth of the moment. Free yourself form physical and spiritual ballast.
  • Let your perception guide you. Realize your knowledge.
  • Liberate yourself from old habits. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • Make peace. Forgive yourself and others.
  • Change your life. Set new priorities.
  • Exercise yourself in devotion and modesty. Be brave enough to let go of your mask and ego.
  • Recognize your perfection in the moment. Be content with yourself.