Qigong originated in ancient China, approximately 5000 years ago. Qigong is one of the five pillars of traditional Chinese medicine (the five pillars being dietetics, physiotherapy, acupuncture, tuina and qigong). The Chinese term »qì« can be translated as ‘vital energy’, ‘power’ or ‘breath’, whereas »gōng« means ‘labor’, ‘cultivation’ or ‘gain’. In this sense »qì gōng« can be understood to mean ‘care of life’, or ‘cultivation of vital energy’. In other words, a human being, as a microcosm, strives for harmony and balance in accordance with nature (macrocosm). Qigong is comprised of five schools or principal directions: the Taoist school, the Buddhist school, the Confucian school, the Medical school, and the wǔshù school (martial art qigong). These individual directions have repeatedly influenced and enriched each other. WULIN qigong offers and teaches exercise sequences from all five directions. The routines and techniques are practiced in silence and they cultivate vital force and energy. They boost the immune system and activate cell regeneration, they further improve bodily coordination, stimulate the metabolism and very gently invigorate muscles, ligaments and joints. Qigong practice equilibrates the entire energy system, is beneficial to your health and has a positive impact on blood pressure. Furthermore, it relieves tensions, deepens the breathing process and provides organs with fresh energy. Body and mind find their way back to all-embracing harmony and health!

The harmonious routines are practiced in a group. This means that the teacher shows how to perform the different routines and techniques and the students imitate the movements simultaneously. Mindfulness, serenity and equanimity characterize the teaching atmosphere. The mood is respectful, cheerful and relaxed. Everyone practices in accordance with his or her physical capacity, without any pressure to perform.

In addition to the lessons during the week, students can refine their qigong practice and expand their knowledge with background information on qigong in theme-specific lectures, seminars and workshops. (workshops)

It is possible to join the course at any time! (timetable)