yin yoga

Yin yoga is the complementing counterpart to the dynamic and energizing yang techniques of hatha yoga. Yin yoga is a calm and meditative yoga style with a strong depth effect. We dive into a slow type of practice, stretch passively and remain a few minutes in each position (āsana), predominantly while lying down or sitting up. This generates a feeling of being in the flow, of vastness and lightness. Since each position is comfortably practiced for a longer period of time, a healing effect on joints and fascias sets in. The regenerative and relaxing practices lead back to inner power and strength. The body recovers and regenerates and can tap into its own energy resources. Conscious awareness and mindfulness enable the mind to find back into the moment and re-establish harmonious balance.

In addition to the lessons during the week, there are regular theme-specific workshops, immersions and retreats available that take place on the weekend. (workshops)

Yin yoga lessons are suitable for both beginners and advanced students! It is possible to join the course at any time! (timetable)