Retreat Center

»Discover Yourself«

After a long and intensive search, we have found a wonderful property in the south of Sri Lanka that meets our high standards. In the middle of rice fields rises a small tea island that meets all our criteria. Only about 10 kilometers from the most beautiful beaches of the island, the property offers a retreat of a special kind.

Our vision is to create a retreat center open to all arts of living and movement (martial arts, qigong, tai chi, yoga, meditation, dance, painting, writing, etc.). We want to create a place of strength, tranquility and inspiration without sacrificing worldly amenities! Planned are accommodations (10 small houses) for 20 people, 2 training rooms for individual use, a main house with restaurant (Asian temple kitchen), a small shop and library, a swimming pool and various pavilions (tea, massage, lounge etc.).

Our idea is that teachers and artists from all over the world can lodge with their pupils or their groups for at least one week. This means that the entire group has the entire Retreat Center for exclusive use.

In addition, there should also be special times, where individuals can retire for an individual break (at least one week).

We will be launching our own website for the WULIN Retreat Center project in the coming weeks: and keeping you up to date there.

We are very pleased!