yoga cikitsa

Yoga cikitsā combines practices and techniques performed in motion as well as in stillness from both hatha yoga and the traditional Indian medicine (āyurveda). The practice is slow and mindful. At the heart of teaching yoga cikitsā lie theme-specific routines for the active as well as the passive locomotor system, as well as restorative techniques and energetic sequences that also include the healing power of marma, mantra and mudrā practice. By means of simple, yet very effective breathing, relaxing and meditation exercises, yoga cikitsā improves psychological and physical resilience and has a positive impact on both the cardiovascular as well as the neural system. Among other things, it helps to strengthen your body’s defense system, improves your flexibility, alleviates pain, relieves stress, dissolves blockages and gets the energy flowing again. You experience inner peace and cheerful serenity and discover the soothing feeling of calmness, clarity and harmony.

Yoga cikitsā lessons are suitable for both beginners and advanced students! It is possible to join the course at any time! (timetable)

Please note that yoga cikitsā is only taught by shimu Sandy. If she is teaching abroad, then the yoga cikitsā lessons will not take place.

It is thus recommend to quickly check the timetable beforehand in order to verify if the desired lesson does indeed take place.