We teach hatha yoga (haṭha yoga). The Sanskrit term »haṭha« can be translated as ‘effort’, ‘strength’, ‘stability’, ‘absolute necessity’ or ‘force’. Further, the interpretation according to tantra also includes the meaning ‘unity of opposed energies’. Whereby »ha« stands for the sun and »ṭha« stands for the moon. The aim being to equilibrate the two forces and thereby achieving physical and mental harmony and health. In hatha yoga, a balance of body and mind is pursued by means of physical exercises (āsana), breathing techniques (prāṇāyāma), and meditation (dhyāna). This holistic approach not only improves body posture, strengthens the muscular system and enhances flexibility, it also dissolves blockages, alleviates pain and boosts vitality. Yoga also improves the ability to concentrate and coordinate. Moreover, blood circulation is stimulated, regenerative capacity is improved, and it activates the metabolism. Yoga makes you more focused, centered, concentrated, stronger and more alert. The body becomes healthier and more flexible. The mind feels more energetic, relaxed and balanced. Health, contentment, and a deep-rooted feeling of happiness and inner harmony are benefits of regular yoga practice.

The WULIN yoga lessons are characterized by a holistic perspective, mindfulness and compassion, and by being oriented towards a daily routine. The WULIN yoga teachers put great emphasis on a well-balanced practice of traditional hatha yoga techniques. It is important for all our teachers to give lessons that take the individual student’s personal abilities and possibilities into account, and to pass on the art of yoga with cheerful serenity, dedication and joy. At the heart of teaching yoga lies the joy in proper movement, appropriate breathing and meaningful focus of the mind. The atmosphere is kind and open-minded, interactions are characterized by showing respect and estimation for one another.

In addition to the lessons during the week, there are regular theme-specific workshops, immersions and retreats available that take place on the weekend. (workshops)

We offer the following yoga lessons:

All lessons are suitable for both beginners and advanced students! It is possible to join the courses at any time! (timetable)