Zen originates from the historic Buddha Śākyamuni (Siddhārtha Gautama), who gained liberation of suffering and highest wisdom – the awakening, the enlightenment – about 2500 years ago in India. In the 6th century AD, the Indian monk Bodhidharma (»pútídámó« in Chinese) brought the essence of this doctrine to China, where the Buddhist ideology encountered the Taoist worldview. From this interconnection emerged »chan« (»chán« in Chinese, or rather »zen« in Japanese), the meaning of which can be understood as ‘mediation’, ‘sitting unintentionally’, or ‘immersion’. WULIN Zen is not a belief, nor is it a religion. WULIN Zen is an approach to life and a world view. There is no aim. The daily path of life is the destination. This means living in each single moment, in the here and now, existing consciously in the immediate present without evaluating or condemning the moment. Mindfulness and awareness in everything you do is the essence of Zen. The central thought being the development of the mind. You learn to relax both body and mind, to pacify the monkey mind, to approach your inner center, to experience the individual essential core, and to outgrow the limitations of your own self, so that you can calmly cope with difficult situations and master great challenges with confidence. Regular Zen practice is beneficial for your inner strength, calmness, health and balance, bringing you vitality and vibrancy. Zen mediation is practiced while seated, standing or walking around. The practice is deepened by exercising energetic routines (for example alignment of the mind) and valuable rituals that help strengthen your vitality, as well as experiencing deep insight and self-awareness. In addition to the lessons during the week, there are regular immersions, temple days, sesshins and retreats available that take place on the weekend. (workshops)

While WULIN Zen is independent, we always feel connected to our Chinese and Japanese masters. We are deeply grateful, and we are aware of and acknowledge the connection and mutual dependency, facing them with utmost respect and humility.

It is possible to join the course at any time! (timetable)