WULIN Kids Kung Fu Etiquette

The observing of the WULING kids kung fu etiquette should secure a pleasant and positive atmosphere in which all kids kung fu students can follow the path of kids kung fu in a concentrated, conscious and fun way.


  • Cell phones (turned off) and bags must remain in the changing area
  • Please remain considerate of others and do not disturb others even outside of the exercise rooms.
  • Respect in general the traditional activities of a kids kung fu lesson.
  • In case of injuries, limitations or other information relevant to the exercises, please get in touch with your instructor before each lesson.
  • If you are sick or having a cold, please make sure to cure fully before returning to any public kids kung fu lesson.
  • Please follow your teacher’s instructions. Due to individual teaching personalities slight difference in teaching methods might occur. Therefore, please be open for the unknown and new experiences.


Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at jona@wulin.ch

We would be happy to welcome you to our kids kung fu classes and wish you energetic, great, inspiring exercises.