Andrea Myoku Dutler

  • cert. massage and back therapist
  • cert. yoga teacher (RYT 200)
  • cert. yin yoga teacher (50h YACEP)
  • WULIN martial arts teacher
  • WULIN Zen teacher
  • further education in aromatherapy

Yoga is a way to oneself and to Andrea, this primarily means finding a harmony between flexibility, structure and relaxation. It is of great importance to her that her teaching also has an impact on everyday life. Inner balance and contentment should not just be a short-lived experience. Training the senses, developing a deep understanding of body and mind, as well as building up a healthy self-confidence are all aspects that are just as important to her as the joy of movement, the exploration of your own limits and the ability to laugh at yourself.

Andrea teaches with great mindfulness, compassion and joy; and her lessons are rich in variety and creativity. It matters a great deal to her that through yoga, her students can blossom on all levels of being and that they further get the possibility to gain multi-sensory experiences. It is for this reason that, next to classic hatha yoga techniques, she also includes sounds and scents in her teaching.

The Zen dharma name »Myoku« means ‘wonderful emptiness’.