Fredy Jundo Kuhn Shifu

Establishment and management of the WULIN Academy

Shifu Fredy has taught martial arts full-time since 1983 and became Eskrima world champion in 1992. Still, he continues to deepen and enhance his knowledge on a regular basis by way of participating at trainings in China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tibet and India. He passes on his knowledge both at home and abroad.

In 2003, Shifu Fredy became the first western student to be accepted in the solemnly “Baishi” – ceremony by master He and was then taught wielding the bō “San Bu Dian”. He received confirmation and authorization to adopt this special and unique style to the WULIN kung fu system in order to teach students as well as other teachers in this martial art. In 2006 Shifu Fredy participated in the “Jukai” ceremony and received his official Buddhist name “Jundo”.

He loves the Chinese tea-ceremony and vegan cousine. He has a vision to establish and manage a temple and retreat facility which should give people a whole and authentic opportunity to deal even deeper and more conscious with themselves, their lives and different arts.

Shifu Fredy finds his satisfaction in teaching his students and in further educating instructurs and teachers.

“Jundo” means “true path”. “Shifu” means “fatherly teacher”. Shifu is an essential part in the martial art and in Chan (Japanese Zen).

Training and further education received from:

  • Kung fu Shifu Rolli Krauer
  • Silat master Haka Tahir
  • Kung fu Shifu Lo Man Kam
  • Kung fu Shifu Simon Lau
  • Kung fu Shifu Duncan Leung
  • Eskrima master Cacoy Canete
  • Eskrima master Dionisio Diny Canete
  • spiritual master Lin
  • Eskrima-master Jose Milan Goh
  • Qi Gong and Kung fu Master Luo Mei-Chen
  • Eskrima master Rodrigo Maranga
  • Eskrima master Rico Maranga
  • Qi Gong master Qingshan Liu
  • Wu Shu and Tai Chi master Zhang Xiao-Ping
  • Taiji Quan master Chen Rosa (Hsiu-Yao)
  • Taiji Quan master Cheng Shean-Chih
  • Taiji Quan teacher Joyce Hu
  • Taiji Quan master Lan
  • Kung fu master He Shan-Fa
  • Kung fu Shifu He Gua-Ju
  • Philippine mental healer Joe Guia
  • spiritual teacher Gino Fratton
  • ordained Rinzai zen teacher Shokan Marcel Urech Osho
  • Japanese zen master Eido Shimano Roshi
  • Qi Gong and zen teacher Dokuho J. Meindl
  • Zen master Zensho W. Kopp
  • Yoga teacher Duncan Wong
  • Yoga teacher Richard Hackenberg
  • Yoga teacher Patrick Oancia
  • Yoga teacher Stephen Thomas
  • Daoist Jürgen Oster
  • Reality Based Expert Jim Wagner