Isa Isshin Gioielli

Owner Fribourg

She has found the ideal balance between studies and everyday life with these disciplines. Ever since she has been engaged in Asian arts of movement. First she has worked as a qi gong and taiji teacher, later also as a kung-fu, yoga and zen teacher and has participated in several educational trainings and retreats in Asia and Europe. Additionally, she has gained further education in non-violent communication and conflict resolution.

  • born on 4th February 1977
  • active kung-fu, eskrima and yoga practice since 1999
  • active taiji and qi gong practice since 2000
  • active meditation practice since 2002
  • teacher of taiji and qi gong since 2004
  • teacher of kung-fu since 2005
  • educational travels in Asia and Europe
  • establishment of the own martial arts school in Fribourg in 2005
  • entered the WULIN organization in 2007
  • teacher of zen since 2013
  • teacher of yoga since 2014

Valuable encounters and further training received at:

  • Kung-fu Shifu Rolli Krauer
  • Eskrima master Sergio Arcel
  • Taiji quan master Li Rong Mei
  • Meditation teacher Renate Seifarth
  • Eskrima master Edessa Ramos
  • Meditation teacher Marie Mannschatz
  • Kung-fu Shifu Viktor Kan
  • Kung-fu Shifu Wilhelm Belch
  • Qi gong and taiji quan master Foen Tjoeng LIe
  • Taiji quan master Jian Guiyan
  • Zen master Simone Jiko Wolf
  • Kung-fu, yoga, qi gong, zen shifu Sandy Taikyu Kuhn
  • Kung-fu, yoga, qi gong, zen shifu Fredy Jundo Kuhn

Isshin means „One heart – one spirit“