Jürg Stingel

born on 6th August 1964

  • kung fu practice since 1980
  • WULIN Zen teacher since 2013

Jürg has been practicing kung fu since 1980 and is a very experienced, creative and patient teacher. He likes the dynamics, the flow and the explosiveness. In turn, however, tranquility and relaxation are just as important to him.

These properties characterize Jürg’s teaching style. His lessons are rich in variety and enthusiasm. Jürg wants to share his joy of WULIN kung fu with his students and aims to provide individual encouragement and support for each one of them.

Jürg has received training and further education from the following personalities:

  • kung fu shifu Rolli Krauer
  • shifu Fredy Jundo Kuhn
  • shimu Sandy Taikyu Kuhn
  • eskrima master Cacoy Canete
  • eskrima master Rodrigo Maranga
  • kung fu master He Gua-Jue