Katja Koho Ziehe

Born 28th April 1967

  • Lawyer, self-employed since 2004
  • Kung fu Practice since 2004
  • Teacher training at the WULIN academy 2008-2011
  • graduated martial art teacher Yong Chun Quan by WULIN since 2011
  • WULIN instructor since 2012
  • WULIN zen teacher since 2016

Languages: German and English

The philosophical rationale of the WULIN martial arts have shaped Katja Ziehe’s path for years. She benefits from these life principles on a daily basis in her professional function as a self-employed lawyer and is further developing as a human and a specialized person. With joy and happiness she passes on her knowledge do children, teenagers and adults. She deepens and develops her own skills through ongoing physical and mental training and is aware that the path of kung fu is never ending.

The Zen Dharma name “Koho” means “Light on Dharma”.