Lorenzo Gioielli

Owner Fribourg

Since his childhood, Lorenzo has been engaging in martial arts. He discovered kung-fu in 1998. Kung-fu has instantly captured him and he put his heart and soul into this discipline. Therefore, he became an instructor for kung-fu first and later also for qi gong, taiji and zen. He has completed numerous trainings in Europa and Asia. He feels joy when practicing and teaching.

  • Born on 10th August 1971
  • active kung-fu, eskrima and yoga practice since 1998
  • active taiji und qi gong practice since 1999
  • teacher for kung-fu, eskrima, taiji and qi gong since 2002
  • educational travels in Asia and Europe
  • establishment of the own martial arts school in Fribourg in 2005
  • entry in the WULIN organization in 2007
  • active zen practice since 2007
  • teacher for zen since 2013

Valuable encounters and further training received at:

  • Kung-fu Shifu Rolli Krauer
  • Qi gong and kung-fu master Luo Mei Chen
  • Eskrima master Sergio Arcel
  • Taiji quan master Li Rong Mei
  • Eskrima master Edessa Ramos
  • Kung-fu Shifu Viktor Kan
  • Kung-fu Shifu Wilhelm Belch
  • Qi gong and taiji quan master Foen Tjoeng LIe
  • Taiji quan master Su Huaxiang
  • Zen master Simone Jiko Wolf
  • Kung-fu, yoga, qi gong, zen shifu Sandy Taikyu Kuhn
  • Kung-fu, yoga, qi gong, zen shifu Fredy Jundo Kuhn