Monika Daishin Jud

  • childcare specialist
  • member of the WULIN organization since 1998
  • WULIN martial arts teacher
  • cert. yoga teacher (RYT 200)
  • kids yoga teacher training with Ursula Salbert
  • qigong teacher
  • WULIN Zen meditation teacher
  • cert. yin yoga teacher (50h YACEP)

To Moni, yoga means keeping your body and mind healthy. So in her teaching, she not only focuses on improving and maintaining flexibility trough yoga, but also puts great emphasis on cultivating inner and outer strength, stability, balance and peace. Yoga is a holistic exercise practice for Moni, a feeling of connectedness and oneness, and a way that leads her back to her true nature.

This experience is something that Moni wants to pass on in her teaching. It is of great importance to her to convey the joy of movement, to release tension, to find the inner center, to calm the heart and mind and to just let go. Next to giving her students a lot of space and time for the practice of breathing techniques, the cultivation of awareness and relaxation, Moni also likes to include mudras and mediation in her lessons.

The Zen dharma name »Daishin« means ‘great trust’.