Salome Yoko Metzger

  • cert. yin yoga teacher (100h YACEP)

Salome trains her body and mind daily. She practices yoga, kung fu, qigong and Zen with much joy and devotion. For Salome, yoga is a way to train and further refine the perception and awareness of one’s own body, feelings, and thoughts. Yoga is a path to unity; oneness with oneself, in connection with all beings and in harmony with the environment. Salome wants to give her students inspiration and joy for their own practice and life in general. In yin yoga, it is important to her to create a place of peace and strength that helps to let go and to find balance, in order to find back to oneself. The meaningful alternation between movement and rest is close to her heart. She likes to respond to the individual needs of her students and teaches holistically, open-mindedly and with great compassion.

The Zen dharma name »Yoko« means ‘child of the sun’.