Pricing for Zen

Your subscription is valid 3 months and includes 10 sessions. After the 3 months there will not be an extension of your subscription due to holidays or professional reasons.

In case of sickness, accidents or pregnancy your subscription will be extended provided you have a medical certificate.

Your subscription of 10 sessions (each lasting 60 minutes) is transferable to any other 60 minutes session (Yoga, Qi Gong and Zen).

A trial subscription for newcomers enables you to visit 3 lessons (Yoga, Qi Gong or Zen for 60 or 90 minutes) at your choice


Students, trainees and senior citizen will receive 20% off the subscription (10 sessions) upon showing the necessary ID.


We also offer personal training:

1 session (60 minutes) Fr. 130,- (additional persons Fr. 50,- each)