kung fu

Kung fu is the collective term for all Chinese martial arts and combat sports. Kung fu, »gōng fū« in Chinese, means ‘hard arduous path’ or ‘to acquire a skill with much diligence, time and effort’. WULIN kung fu is an art, a martial art. In addition to hand and foot techniques, we also teach the use of traditional »weapons« (long stick, short stick, knife, double knife, self-defense umbrella). The heart of the matter is the masterly control of both body and mind. Indeed, the in-depth learning of the various techniques and constant repetition of procedures require regular, disciplined and dedicated training attendance. WULIN kung fu not only focuses on the enhancement of physical skills (strength, coordination, speed, agility and fitness), but at the same time puts great emphasis on nurturing mental abilities such as patience, mindfulness, centering, perseverance and integrity. WULIN kung fu originates from the ancient Chinese kung fu tradition (wing chun / yǒng chūn). Over the centuries, this style has continuously adapted gently to the prevailing conditions without losing its essence. True to the adage that says tradition is passing on the fire, not worshipping the ashes! In art it is essential to comprehend that it is the journey, rather than the destination, that takes center stage. It is for this reason that there exists no rigid examination system in WULIN kung fu. Regular training sessions, the joy of movement, and the mastery of one’s own body and techniques are paramount to the WULIN kung fu experience. Everyone can be encouraged in consideration of his or her specific needs and abilities! This means that our teaching methods are oriented towards the development of each individual student. We combine tradition with modernity!

Exclusive to WULIN kung fu is the unique long stick system »sān bù diăn«, with shifu Fredy being the first western student to be able to learn this technique from his master shifu He. He is also the only teacher authorized to pass on this particular style. With a teaching experience of 37 years and 42 years of practicing kung fu, shifu Fredy is one of the most experienced teachers and one of the first pioneers for kung fu in the Swiss martial arts scene.

In addition to the lessons during the week, students can also deepen their knowledge and expand their skills in retreats, intensive training sessions, theme-specific workshops and temple days. (workshops)

We offer the following kung fu lessons:

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